Ready for the next level in gummies ? Our Amanita Muscaria Mushroom gummies will elevate you to a higher state. Each gummy delivers a potent, uplifting feeling while calming body sensation. Comes with 10 delicious gummies in each tin. Slush mushroom gummies are crafted with potent, and naturally occurring ingredients.

If you’re new to these gummies, we recommend starting with 1. You can always add more. *Please note effects may vary from one consumer to another, as everyone’s body chemistry and sensitivity to certain compounds are unique. However, users generally report a chilled, relaxed mindset, improved sleep and relief of pain and aches.

Dosing Suggestions:

  • 1-4 gummies: Euphoric sensations & relaxation
  • 5-8 gummies: Altered perception & visuals
  • 9-10 gummies: Deep psychedelic experience

Each tin:

  • 10 Gummies per tin
  • 5K MG/tin
  • 500mg per gummy

*Gluten free

Weight 4 oz


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